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Whereas my sister Anne Henderson did out of the interest of her separate funds in my hands under our fathers will, pay be Three hundred Dollars for a mulatto woman, Nancy, the property of my fathers estate and her child, then small named Dark; and whereas I have her, my said sister, a bill of Sale for said slaves which she alledges has been lost; and whereas the said woman, Nancy has been sold by Alexander Henderson the husband of my said sister and the said Dark the daughter has a child about three years old named Frederick now with his mother, in my sisters possession: in consideration of the premises, and with a view to quiet my sisters uneasiness, and make her safe in the premises, I have conveyed and confirmed: and do by these presents, convey and confirm to my brother Colonel Archibald Henderson of Washington City said nergres Dark and Frederick To have and to hold them and the increase of said Dark to him and his assigns forever; in trust, however during the time my sister remains married to permit her to receive the profits or to enjoy the services of said slaves and to convey them by will or otherwise as she may choose; and, if she become discovert, then to give up said slaves and the