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Whereas I Theodore Meade, acting as Bailiff for Dennis Johnston, attorney in fact for Harriet M. Lloyd, administratrix of Edward Lloyd, dec'd. having levied a Distress on a negro girl called Virginia, taken on the premises of Catharine Butts of Alexandria, for the sum of one hundred and forty four dollars due from the said Catharine Butts to the said Dennis Johnston, attorney as aforesaid, as Rent for the premises occupied by the said Catharine Butts for the years Eighteen hundred and thirty six and Eighteen hundred and thirty seven, and whereas, under the authority of said Distress, I have duly advertised the said girl Virginia for sale, according to law, and at the front door of the Court House in Alexandria, on this Eighteenth day of January Eighteen hundred and thirty eight, I did, in pursuance of said advertisement, proceed to sell the said girl Virginia, at public auction, at which sale George Kephart, being the highest bidder, became the purchaser for the sum of Three hundred Dollars: Now, therefore, Know all men by these presents that I, Theodore Meade, Bailiff of Dennis Johnston, attorney in fact for Harriet M. Lloyd, admnx. of Edward Lloyd dec'd. for, and in consideration of the premises, and also for the consideration of Three hundred dollars, current money of the United States, to me in hand paid by the said George Kephart, at, and before the sealing & delivery of these presents (the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged) have bargained and sold, and confirmed, and do, by these presents, bargain & sell, and confirm unto the said George Kephart, the aforesaid negro girl Virginia, the slave late the property of the said Catharine Butts taken under distress by me to satisfy the rent aforesaid; To Have and the Hold the said negro girl slave Virginia to the only proper use and behoof of the said George Kephart, his executors, administrators and assigns forever.