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This instrument witnesses that Fanny Thomas has sold to John H Runnells for the Sum of One hundred and fifty Dollars the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged a mulatto boy called Frederick about Eleven years of age for the term of Sixteen years to be computed from the 17th day of September 1825 and that it is expressly agreed by the said J. H Runnells that the said Frederick shall not be sold out of the District of Columbia by the said J. H. Runnells, nor by any to whom the said J. H. Runnells shall sell the said term of years Provided the said Fanny Thomas on her part board and clothe, the said Frederick during the term specified except two suits to be furnished by the said Runnells yearly - And in case of failure on the part of the said Fanny Thomas to provide for the said Frederick it is expressly agreed and understood that the said Frederick is to be held a slave for life. In witness of which Fanny Thomas and John H Runnells have hereto set their hands and seals this 22d day of October 1825. Fanny Thomas (her mark X) (Seal), J. H. Runnells (Seal) Witness Presley Simpson, Presley Tawby