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[left side of page] free from the claim of him the said John W Bowen & all persons whatever. In trust nevertheless to secure & indemnify Mr Wesley Carline who has become security for said Bowen on an injunction for the sum of fifteen hundred dollars. Now if the said Bowen shall [illegible] & hereby pay off & discharge said debt with all costs &c. so as to hold said Carlin free from the payment of anything then the said deed to be void & of no effect, otherwise to remain in full force & virtue. The said Stewart as trustee have full right to advertise & sell said property at any time that the said Carlin may direct so as to save him in all respects harmless & free form the payment of any [right side of page] thing in consequence of the above named obligation. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the day & date above. John W. Bowen (Seal