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This Indenture made this Twenty fourth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and one Between John Mandeville and Betty - his wife of the Town of Alexandria and District of Columbia of the one part and William Herbert - of the same Town and District of the other part whereas a certain John Sutton hath obtained two Judgments against the said John Mandeville in the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia the one for the sum of six hundred dollars the other for the sum of [pound symbol] 1500 to be discharged by the payment of [pound symbol] 950 with interest and easts of Suit to which Judgments the said John Mandeville is desirous of obtaining Injunctions and whereas the said John Mandeville is desirous to secure Joseph Mandeville who hath agreed to become his Security in the Bonds to be entered into on obtaining the said Injunctions from all damage and loss in consequence thereof Now This Indenture witnesseth That the said John Mandeville and Betty - his wife for and in consideration of the Premises and of the sum of one dollar to the said John in hand paid the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge have granted bargained and sold aliened released and confirmed and by these Presents do grant bargain and sell alien release and confirm unto the said William Herbert - his heirs and assigns a certain piece or Lot of ground lying on the South side of Queen Street and west side of Royal Street in the said Town of Alexandria and bounded as follows. Beginning at the intersection of the said Streets and running thence Southwardly with Royal Street and binding thereon forty two feet six inches - thence westwardly with a line parallel to Queens Street on hundred and twelve feet - thence northwardly with a line parallel to Royal Street forty two feet six inches to Queen Street - thence with Queen Street and binding thereon one hundred and twelve feet to the Beginning.