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This Indenture made this twenty fifth Day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and three, by and Between William North, of the one part, and Caleb Tate Sen'r of the other part, both of the County of Campbell, Witnesseth, that whereas the said William North, is justly indebted to Rives Higginbotham & Co, of the Town of Lynchburg, Merchants, in the following Sums to wit, in the Sum of one hundred and four pounds, three Shillings and seven pence, with Interest from the first Day of August one thousand, eight hundred and two, due by penal Bill, executed by him, the said William North to the said Rives Higginbotham & Co. bearing Date the fourteenth Day of September one thousand eight hundred and two, as will more fully appear by Reference thereto; also in the Sum of thirteen pounds, seven Shillings and nine pence halfpenny due on open account for Transactions and Dealings in the store of the said Rives Higginbotham & Co. and also in the Sum of six pounds, seven Shillings and five pence being the amount of Philip Copelands account with the said Rives Higginbotham & Co. which sum of Money the said William North hath assumed, and doth hereby undertake to pay; which several Sums of money the said William North is willing and desirous more effectually to secure, and assure to the said Rives Higginbotham & Co and their legal Representatives now to that End Intent and purpose, and for and in Consideration of the Sum of one Dollar to him in Hand paid, by the said Caleb Tate, Sen'r: at and before the sealing and Delivery of these Presents, the Receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge he, the said William North hath granted, bargained, sold, and delivered, and by these Presents doth grant, bargain, sell, and deliver, to the said Caleb Tate Sen'r his Heirs, and Assigns forever, one Negroe Woman Slave named Esther, of about the age of eighteen or twenty Years, one Negroe Boy Slave named Isaac, Son of the said Esther, of about the age of two years, and one negroe Girl, child of the said Esther of the age of about six Months, together with any Increase which the said Esther or Fanny may at any Time have; to have and to hold the said Negroe