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slaves, and every of them, with their Increase of aforesaid, to the said Caleb Tate Sen'r his Heirs, and Assigns forever. Upon Trust, and in special Confidence Nevertheless, that in Case the said William North, or his legal Representatives shall fail or neglect to pay to the said Rives Higginbotham & Co. or their legal Representatives, the said Sum of one hundred and four pounds, three shillings and seven pence, with the legal interest thereon accrued and to accrue, from the said first Day of August one thousand eight hundred and two, and the said Sums of thirteen pounds, seven Shillings, and nine pence half penny, and of Six pounds seven Shillings and five pence, with legal Interest on each of them from the Date of these Presents, on or before the twenty fifth Day of June in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and four, that then it shall and may be lawfull for the said Caleb Tate (being thereunto requested by the said William North, or his legal Representatives or by the said Rives Higginbotham & Co. or their legal Representatives) to proceed to sell the said Negroe Slaves and their Increase (or so many of them as may be necessary to pay the said Sums of Money with Interest as aforesaid, or so much thereof as shall remain due and unpaid) for ready Money by Way of public Auction, whether the said Negroe Slaves be present or not, having advertised the Day & place of Sale for three Weeks successively in the Lynchburg paper, if any paper should at that Time be published in that Town, otherwise in some one of the Richmond Newspapers, and having given the said William North or his legal Representatives ten Days previous Notice to have the said Slaves forthcoming on the Day and at the place of Sale, which is to be at some one of the Taverns in the Town of Lynchburg; and out of the