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or his Representatives, shall fail or neglect to pay to the said Elizabeth Strother or her legal Representatives the said Sum of one thousand Dollars on or before the 8th - Day of September in the year 1805 - that then it shall & may be lawfull for the said Daniel Gray (being thereunto requested by the said Elijah Strother or his legal Representatives, or the said Elizabeth Strother to [illegible] to sell for ready money by way of public auction the before mentioned Slave & property, having advertised the Day & place of Sale, for three weeks [illegible] in some convinient news-paper, and out of the money arising from such Sale, after paying the Expence of drawing & recording this Indenture, as also all other reasonable charges attending the said Sale, to pay & satisfy the said - Elizabeth Strother the said Sum of money, or so much thereof as shall there remain due & unpaid, & the Balance