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This indenture made and entered into this 13th day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and twelve between Richard Townsend of the County of Campbell of the first part, ^John Talbott^ of the second part and Sackville King ^and Willis Tallbott^ of the third part witnesseth that the said Richard Townsend for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to him in hand paid by the said John Talbott the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged and for the further purposes hereafter [illegible] hath bargained and sold and by these presents doth bargain & sell grand and confirm unto the said John Talbott his heirs and assigns for [wit] the following property to wit, one negro man named Stephen, four beds and furniture, Eight head of Cattle, one yoke of [steers?], three horses, Sevin sheep, one [stud?] horse called Cealar To hav, & hold possess and enjoy the before granted property to him the said John Talbott his heirs and assigns forever, upon trust nevertheless that whereas the said Richard Townsend stands indebted to Sackwell King in the sum of Sixteen pounds by bond bearing date the 27th day of November 1810 and the said King ^and Williston Talbott^ hath it in contemplation to become security with William Carson who hath already become said Townsend security in a certain injunction bond to John Jordan now in the office of Campbell Court. And the said Richard Townsend being anxious to secure the said Jackson King ^and Williston Talbott as well in the payment of the aforesaid debt of Sixteen pounds as also for this securityship aforesaid. Now therefore the true interest and purpose of this Deed is that if the said Richard Townsend shall make default in the payment of the aforesaid debt of Sixteen pounds ^ to Sackwell King^ and the injunction aforesaid should be desolved in whole or in part and a suit should be instituted against the said Jackville King ^and Williston Talbott^ upon the injunction bond then and in that case it shall be Lawful for the said John Talbott to sell the before granted property for ready money to the highest bidder having first advertised the time and place for ten days at the Courthouse and out of the proceeds thereof pay to the said King the aforesaid debt of Sixteen pounds as also all damages and costs which the said King ^& Talbott^ may pay or be