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Campbell County to Wit } We [Paulett?] Clark and Theodore Reid, Justices of the Peace in the County aforesaid and State of Virginia do hereby Certify that Mary Roberts a party to a certain Deed, bearing date on the 16th July 1823, and hereto annexed, personally appeared before us, in Our County aforesaid, and acknowledged the said to be her act and Deed, and desired us to Certify the said acknowledgement to the Clerk of the County Court of Campbell, in Order that the said Deed may be Recorded. Given under Our hands and seals, [this?] P. Clark {Seal} Theodore Reid {Seal}

[mid page center] Roberts To {Deed Trust Smith &al

Recorded Page 7 Book No 14

[sideways left-side of page] At a Court held for Campbell Co August 11th 1823. This Indenture together with the Certificate of the acknowledgement thereof was produced in Court and ordered be recorded. Teste John Alexander [C C C?]