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This indenture made this 8th day of September 1824 between Solomon Lindsey of the first part, John Lester of the second & Thomas Proter the third part, witnesseth that whereas the said Solomon is justly indebted to the said Thomas in the sum of two hundred & seventy dollars, due by a bond on the 14th of July 1828, bearing date the 14th of July 1824 as per its face and the indorsement made thereon, and [???]ing desirous of securing to said Thomas the payment of the same, Now therefore for and in consideration of the promises & for the further consideration of one dollar to said Solomon in hand paid by him the said John, for this said Solomon hath granted, bargained and sell unto him the said John one Negro woman named Peggy, one small mare with Bridle & saddle all his household & kitchen furniture and his set of Blacksmiths tools, to have and hold the same to him his heirs &c forever, upon this trust and confidence that he will permit the said Solomon to hold & keep possession of the same provided he does not attempt to remove them from the County of Campbell in that case they are to be taken into immediate possession by said John) until the said debt remains payable, and then if the money is not paid to advertise and sell the said