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To all to whom these presents may concearn . . . Be it known that on the 30 of July 1824 James Taliaferrs of Campbell County and State of Virginia executed a Deed in Trust to a Tract of Land in the County and State aforesaid on the waters of [illegible] Island Creek containing two hundred acres more or less, to Stirling C. Anderson & James Staples Trustees - also to a Negro Woman Named Sally and her two children Manuel & Thornton - for the purpose of securing John Stratton & Daniel Stratten for indorsing for him in either of the Banks at Lynchburg for five hundred dollars for twelve months - the Said twelve months having expired and said Taliaferrs having closed his transactions at said Bank or Banks and by consent of Said Strattons, We the Trustee do by these presents relinquish to the said Taliaferrs all right Title and Claim we hold in Trust on said Tract of Land and Negros

In Witness whereof we have here unto set our hands and affixed our seals. this.

Stirling C. Anderson {seal}

         blank              {seal}

Campbell Sel We Joseph Mcallister and Rubin D. Palmer Justices of the peace for the County aforesaid and State of Virginia do hereby certify that Stirling C. Anderson party to a certain Deed of [illegible] for [illegible] [illegible ? crossed out?] personaly appeared before us in our sd County at and Acknowledged the above Deed of [illegible] and [illegible] us to certify the same to the clerk of the county court of Campbell in order that the same may be Recorded. Given under our hand & seals this 3rd of Octr 1828

Jo McAllister {seal} R. D. Palmer {seal}