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Know all Men by these presents that we Mosby Arnold & John Roberts of the County of Bedford of State of Virginia, Trustees to a certain Deed of Trust of record in the county court of Campbell, the object of which said Trust Deed was intended to indemnify Henry [?] of Bedford county & state aforesaid for any tap or damage in pecuniary war which he might sustain by becoming the endorser of a certain note for the Sum of Eight hundred [&] thirty five Dollars made [negotiated?] [&] payable at the Bank of Virginia at Lynchburg which note bears date the 10th day of August Eighteen hundred [&] twenty eight, for John Arnold of [illegible] county [&] State afore said in which sade trust Deed a certain Negro woman named Dicy [&] her four children with others were conveyed to us in trust to indemnify said [illegible] as endorser for said Arnold as above specifyed Now inconsideration of the said Arnold, having fully paid off to the Bank the afore said note. we the trustees afore said do hereby release all claim whatsoever to said Negroes to said Arnold his heirs [& illegible] for ever For testimony whereof we have [illegible...] hands [&] Seals this 12 days of March 1830 [Witnef?] Mosby Arnold Seal [illegible] John Roberts Seal