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This Indenture made and entered into this 13th day of September 1830 between Rowland Ward and Margaret B. his wife of the County of Campbell of the first part John Alexander of the second part and Simon Austin and William W Austin of the third part, Witnesseth that whereas the said Rowland Ward stands justly indebted to the said Simon Austin in the following sums of money - Thirteen hundred and twenty one dollars and seventeen cents with legal interest therein from the 25th day of January 1830, and four dollars ninety two cents Costs, due by a Judgment of that County Court of Campbell, on which an execution has assessed entitled to a credit of one hundred and fifty eight dollars and forty four cents paid the 23d of June 1830. Also in the further sum of three hundred and eighty eight dollars fifty four cents due by bond on demand leaving date with These presents, and in the further sum of Thirty five dollars by bond leaving date with this Indenture and payable on the 25th of December 1830. and the said Rowland