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This Indenture made and entered miles this 13th day of September 1830 between Portland Ward and Mayard. B. his wife of the [illegible] of Campbell of the first part John Alexander of the second part and Sinson Anshire and William W Anshire of the wind pact, Wingoth that whereas the [illegible] Rouland Ward stands justly indolled to the [illegible] Sinson Anshire in the following sums of money - thirteen hundred and twenty one dollars and seventeen cents with legal [illegible] [illegible] from the 25th day of January 1830, and form dollars [miney?] two cents [illegible], dries by a the segment of comfy land of Campbell on which an auction has forced [illegible] to a [illegible] of one hundred and fifty eight dollars and forty four cents paid the hundred and eighty eight dollars fifty four cents [illegible] by bond on demand forming [illegible] with this in debted to the said William Anshire in the [illegible] of one hundred and fifty dollars due by bond on demand forming [illegible] with this indenture, and the said Portland Ward fairy willing and decisons to [illegible] the payment of the ar due forms of money with the [illegible] [illegible]have on may have after [illegible] [illegible] to the said Sinson Anshire and Williams Anshiretheir [hair?] on apogise, this indenture therefore further [illegible]