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1885 having no person in vicco to recommend to the church, reported as follows Viz: We your committee would suggest that each member present will vote by ballot for the person of your choice & when the choice of the members are ascertained, the church clerk (also one of the committee) shall write to person so chosen, informing him of the action of the church & ascertain if his services can be obtained for one Sunday in the month, and at what amt. of salary. On first ballot the vote stood Perkins 12, Taylor 9 & Loving 3. The name of Loving being drop [dropped] on second ballot, stood Perkins 16, Taylor 9. On motion of Bro. Adams the vote was taken & made unanimous for Rev. J. C. Perkins & bro. J. B. Godsey instructed to inform [illegible] of the action of church in accordance with foregoing instructions.

J. B. Godsey, CC.