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At a regular meeting of Cumberland Church this 9th of June 1888 Present. Bro. J. W. Jenkins Actg. Mod, and brethren J. M. Price, E. Gilliam, A. B. Jenkins, P. [E?] Anderson, H. W. Ransom, R. J. Meador, J. B. Godsey & 2 sisters. Treasurer reported $55.90 paid Bro. Taylor on salary for year expiring with 2nd Sunday in June 1888 & $28.10 that he feels assured will be paid very soon making a total of $84.00. On motion Bro. Taylor was unanimously called to the pastoral care of church for another year commencing with 2nd Sunday in July 1888. Bre. E. Williams, R. J. Meador & J. B. Godsey were appointed a committee to inform Bro. Taylor of his call. Adjourned to meet at 3 o'clock on Saturday before 2nd Sunday in July.

J. B. Godsey, C.C.