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Know all Men by these presents that I Thomas Flynt of St. Mary's White Chappell parish in the County of Lancaster in Consideration of the Fatherly Love & Affection I have for my Children Mary Rogers, Sarah Hammond, Betty Flynt, Mary Flynt and Thomas Flynt, have given & granted and by these presents do give and grant unto my sd. Daughter, Mary Rogers my negro Woman Frank and her Daughter Letty and my Negro Boy Dick, and to my sd. Daughter Sarah Hammond my Negro Woman Dinah and my Negro Woman Sarah and to my said Daughter Betty Flynt my young Negro Woman Jenny & my negro Boy Will, and to my Said Daughter Mary Flynt my Negro Girl Letty my Negro Boy Peter and to my Son Thomas Flynt my Negro Boy Harry, To have and to hold the sd. Negroes and their Increase to my aforesd. Daughters & Son and their Heirs respectively, reserving to my self the uses of my Negro Girl Letty and my Negro boy Peter before given to my daughter Mary Flynt and also the use of my Negroe Boy Harry given to my Son Thomas Flynt, during my natural Life and then to go to my sd. Son & Daughter and I do hereby acknowledge to have put my Daughters Mary Rogers Sarah Hammond and Betty Flynt into full and immediate possession of the Negroes before given to them. In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my Hand and Seal this [9th?] day of August 1745 Thomas Flnt {seal} Sealed and Deliver'd in presence of Jesse Ball