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This indenture made this fifteenth day of September Anno Domini one thousand and seven hundred and sixty eight between Sarah [Oversheet?] Wife of Richard Oversheet of the County of Lancaster of the one part and William Arms and John Arms of the same County of the other part. Witnefseth that whereas the said Richard and Sarah have agreed to live separable, and the said Richard hath conveyd unto the said William and John Arms One Negroe Woman named Winny and Negroe Boy named James, one Bed + furniture one chest and two [illegible] Polls for the sole use and benefit of the said Sarah Oversheet her Hiers W. [illegible] and Afsigns in Live of the said Sarah's Dower of the Seal and personal estate of the said Richard Oversheet and in Lieu of all future claim and Demands whatsoever against the said estate for Maintenance or any other cause whatsoever, and whereas the said William and John Arms have given their Bond jointly and severally unto the said Rich Oversheet to endemnefy the said Richard Oversheet his Hiers W. [illegible] against any future claim and Demand of the said Sarah her Hiers W. [illegible]