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Know all Men by these Presents that I Sarah Jones of the County of Lancaster for the Consideration of the Sum of one hundred pounds Current money of Virginia in hand paid the Receipt hereof I do hereby acknowledge, hath Given, Granted, Aliened, Tranfer'd, Conveyed, & Confirmed & by these presents doth hereby Give, Grant, Alien, Transfer, Convey, & Confirm unto my Mother Margaret Ball the following Negroes (Viz't) Moses, & Betty with their future increase to her and her Heirs for ever To have and to hold the aforesaid two Negroes & their future increase with Warranty from me my Heirs Exors Admrs. or Assigns, or any other Person or Persons whatsoever that shall may or do pretend to have or lay any Claim, Rights, Title, or Interest to both or either of the above Named Moses and Betty, and I do hereby Acknowledge to have put my aforesaid Mother Margaret Ball into the full and immediate Possession of the aforesaid Moses and Betty the two Negroes above mentioned, to and for the uses before mentioned. In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my Hand & Seal this fifteenth day of June one thousand Seven hundred & Sixty Nine & in the Ninth Year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Third. Sarah Jones Sign'd Seald & deliverd in presence of Geo Heale Jesse Ball Burges Ball At a Court held for Lancaster County on the15th June 1769 This Deed was proved in open Court by George Heale Jesse Ball & Burges Ball witnesses thereto & ordered to be recorded Test