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Know all men by these presents that I Betty Dollard of the county of Lancaster for and in Consideration of the Natural love and Affection that I have for my Children (to wit) Braxton Dollard, Caty Dollard & John Dollard, and for Divers other good Causes and considerations my there unto moveing hath given granted and conferred and b these presence doth fully and absolutely give grant and confirm; after my Death; unto the said Braxton Dollard Caty Dollard & John Dollard and to their heirs, three Negroes to wit Jane, Flora, & Lucy & there Increase from the Date here of which said Negoes, Jane, Flora & Lucy, ae now in my Possession, but after my Death to be in the Actual Possession of my said Children (to wit) Braxton Dollard, Caty Dollard & John Dollard or their heirs & to be equally Divided amongst those that shall be then living for the use & sole Benefit of my said Children. To have and to hold the said Negroes, Jane, flora & Lucy, unot my said Children there heirs & Assigns for Ever and I Doe hereby Oblige my self my heirs Executors & Administrators @ all times after my Death to warrant & Defend the said Negroes, Jane, Flora and Lucy & their Increase unto my said Children Braxton Dollard, Caty Dollard & John Dollard