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This [Inventure?] made this fifteenth day of July in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Seven [be?] [illegible] John Rogers of the Parish of Christ Church [illegible] County of Lancaster of the one part & Betty Rogers of the Parish [illegible] County [illegible] of the other part, [illegible] that the said John Rogers, for [&?] in Consideration of the Natural love and Affection which he beareth to his sister the above Named Betty Rogers [&?] for [&?] toward her future support & Maintainance, the said John Rogers doth give, grant & Deliver to his said sister Betty Rogers one Negroe girl commonly called & known by the Name of Milly, with her future Increase to his said sister Betty Rogers & her Heirs forever, which said Negroe became the property of the said John Rogers [illegible] being Heir at law to his [illegible] Brother Richard Rogers Deed which said Negroe the said John Rogers With her future. Increase doth warrant to his said sister Betty Rogers & her Heirs forever, against the Claim of him the said John Rogers his Heirs [illegible], & from the Claim of all & every Person or Persons whatever, with this Reserve, that in case the said Betty Rogers shall dye without Heirs of Her Body that then the said Negroe Milly with her future Increase shall go & [illegible] to the said John Rogers & his Heirs forever, & whereas their may [possibly?] arise a Dispute whether the said John Rogers hath a Right to the whole of his said Brother's Negroes or not, or whether they ought to be divided among the said John Rogers & Betty Rogers & the Children of William Mitchell by his first Wife, who was Sister to the said [illegible] Richard Rogers, Should it be in future determined that a Division should take place then the said Betty is to deliver [unto?] the said Negroe with her future Increase to be divided as aforesaid, and in