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To all people to whom this presents shall come, I William Chilton of the Parish of [illegible] and County of Lancaster do send greetings. King [illegible], that I said William Chilton, for in [?ration] of the love, good will, and affection, which I have and do bear to my grandson William Chilton, late of the County of Culpepper, but now of the county of Lancaster, Parish [illegible] have given and granted and by [illegible] do give and grant to my said grandson William Chilton, and his heirs, my negro girl Rachel, who ( before the signing of this memento) I have [illegible] to my said grandson William Chilton, as his absolute Right and Property and [illegible] any manner of Constitution whatever. In witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal this of November one thousand seven hundred and seventy eight and the third year of the Commonwealth Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of}