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Know all men by these presents that I Ezekial [Haydon?] of the County of Lancaster for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I bear to my six following children to wit Armistead [Haydon?] [Abner Gayton?], Mary [Gayton?], Judith [Gayton?] [illegible] [Gayton?], and Ezekial [Haydon?] as well as for the [ties?] their consideration of one dollar to me on hand paid by each of my aforesd. children at or before the ensealing & delivery of these present the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have given and granted and by these present do give and grant unto my a foresaid children [illegible] unto these [illegible] [illegible] of our [illegible] and assign the following property to [illegible] to my son Armistead [Haydon?] I give my negroe Thoman Tabb my mare colt, and first choice of two cows, to my son Abner [Haydon] I give my negroe boy Tom, second choice of two cows, & one [bed?] [illegible]. first choice, to my daughter Mary {Haydon?] I give my negroe girl Lucy, second choice of one [bed?] [illegible?] and one cow third choice, to my daughter Judith [Haydon?] I give my negroe girl Sarah and two [yearlings?] first choice. to my son [illegible] [Haydon?] I give my negro girl Pegg and one [yearling?] & to my son Ezekial [Haydon?] I give my negro boy Jacob my yoke of oxen one bed third choice and my [illegible] [mare?] to have and to hold the above [illegible?] property to them [illegible] hereby given & to them owes all [heirs?] [illegible] and assigns for ever and the said