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This indenture made and entered into this 10th day of November one thousand eight hundred & thirty seven, between Cyrus Chitton of the one part and Octaves Lawson of the other part both of the county of Lancaster & state of Virginia, [illegible] that the said Cyrus Chitton in order to seems the payment of a bond due to Ralph Johnson amounting to one hundred dollars payable on the 2nd day of June 1837, and for the further consideration of two dollars in hand paid to the said Chitton by the said LAwson the recipt whereof in hereby acknowledged, have bargained & sold, and by these presents both bargain and sell, into the said Lawson his heirs Executors Administration on asign a certain negro boy named Butler, to have & to hold the said negros boy Butler with all title & interest thereto, unto said Lawson ye, forever, upon trust never [illegible] that the said Lawson shale at any timeafter twelve monthly after date on the request of the said Johnson his heir Expectations Administration or assign after giving public notice by advertising for fifteen days at [illegible] & while stone proceed to sale (publicly) the said negro boy Butler, at the two white stone, to the highest bidder for ready cash, and out of the procced of said sale shall pay the said Johnson the full amount of aforesaid bond sale intest there on with the legal costs and expence attending said sale and for the reording this deed, and the balance pay [illegible] to said Chitton on to his order, but never [illegible] if said Chitton should pay to said Johnson thofull amount both principal & interest of said bond and best of reording this deed, before any sale deal be had of said negro Butler, there & in that case, this deed will be null and void, otherwise to remain in fall force and virtue in [illegible] whereof the said Cyrus Chitton and lawson has here into set their hands of seats, the day & year for about [illegible] should an acknowledge in presence of and Robertson Thmoas Aomthang Cyrus Chitton seal Octanous Lawson seal Interlined before signed