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This indenture made and entered into the first day of May 1843 between Ralph Edmonds of the one part and Robert J Dunaway of the other part. Both of the county Lancaster and state of Virginia. Witnesseth that, the said Ralph Edmond being indebted to Benjamin M. Walker of the County of Lancaster in the sum of three hundred dollars for which sum the said Edmond has this day executed his bond with Warner Eubank as security & in order [illegibley] more effectually to secure the payment of the sum aforesaid with interest, has & does by these present bargain & sell unto the said Robert T. Dunaway the following negroes to wit: Ross, Jonette & her youngest child upon the special trust & condition, that if the said Ralph Edmond his Exor. or admin. shall pay off & discharge the aforesaid sum of three hundred dollars with interest when ever he shall be required so to do by the said Benj. M. Walker his exors or admin then & in that can this indenture shall be null & void, but should the said Edmund or his exors or adms fail to pay off the said bond with interest & costs when required then the said Robert T. Dunaway his Exors or Admin shall upon Ten days notice given at three or more public places in this County proceed to sell for for cash the negres above.