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This Indenture made this 24.th day of July eighteen hundred & forty si. between Joseph D [Pinoley?] of the first part and Thomas Oldham of the second part + Henry L Bisoer of Hud part, - up here as the said Henry L Biseor hath at Sunday times become bound as the security of the said Joseph D [Pressley?] for the payment of the several sums foreowning [-?] to [cor-melus?] Sullivan Guardian to John. L Gulleran for the hire of slave Isaac viy: one bond [done?] the day of for Forty done as, one bond done the first day of January 1844 for thirty done and also, another bond done the first day of January 1845 - for Seventy five done and - also another bond done the first day of January 1846 = for Seventy dollars - and one bond done the first day of January 1847 for eighteen dollars = and the said Joseph D Pinoley being willing of [desuous?] to as what i first + right to [?] and save [harmfully?] the said Henry L Bisoer, from suffering in any wise on account of [0.0?] Security's help, which more fully appears by reference to the bonds aforesaid now this indention [withenforth?], that for and in consideration of the premises, and also for the further considerations of one [aocear?] of lawful money of Virginia to the said Joseph D Pinoley in hand paid by the said Thomas Oldham at and before the sealing + atelier of. These presents the receipt where of is hereby a [dimowre?] aged, he the said Joseph D Pinoley hath given, granted, bars = gained, sold aliened, [ente?] offed, released and confined and by these presents another give, , grant-, bargain, sell, alien, enfeoff, release + confine to the said Thomas Oldham, his heirs + [afsrgns?], forever the fore owing property viy: four beds + furniture,