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This deed made this 5th day of March 1853 between John M Dauson of the first part and B.N. Robinson, trustee of the second part both of the County of Lancaster and State of Virginia. Whereas the said John M. Dauson is justly indebted to John N? Falline? of the County of Southumberland? in the [illegible] of one thousand dollars due in thou? bounds? [illegible] or [illegible] thirty three dollars, thirty three, and one third [illegible] date of the first day of October 1852 and payable as follows: on the first day of [illegible] 1853, on the first day of October 1853 and the other first day of April 1854 but [illegible] interest from this first day of October 1852 as by referenced to the said bounds will more fully appear; which debt with the legal intent thereof the said John M Dauson is willing and [illegible] to secure.

Now this indenture [illegible] that for and in consideration of the premises, and [illegible] for the fist? consideration? of one dollar to the said John M Sauson in hand by the said BN Robinson at and before the sealing and delivery of these pres?; the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged the paid John M Dauson hath seated?, bargain? and sold and these [illegible] and tell to the paid BN Robinson, his heir and assipro? forever the following propherity? to wit: Negro Man, Bill or William, woman anmet? and give adeline? and give Louise and their future increase ___

To ham and to hold the said hereby prauthe? or intruder to be hereby frandte? negroes Bill or Willian, annete? and child, Adeline and girl with their future increase _____

meets the said BN Robson his heirs executors, administrators, and assists? forever: And the Said John M Dauson or himself, his heirs, executors, and administrators, doth hereby covenant promise and affirm? to and with the said BN Robinson, his heirs, executors, administrators, and assists? forever. In [illegible] and form following that is to say that the said John M. Dauson, his heirs, executors, and administrators