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This Indenture made and entered into this 19th. day of november in the year 1855 between Philip Weinberg of the first part, Saml. Grisham of the second part and Octavius George of the third part witnesseth, that Whereas the said Octavius George is bound as security for the said Weinberg to these several bonds, two executed to Nelson Robinson for two hundred dollars each and one to John E George for one hundred dollars and whereas the said Weinberg is willing to secure & save harmless the said George as his security to the said bonds the dates of which are not recollected at this time, he the said Philip Weinberg for & in consideration of one dollar to him in hand paid by the said Saml. Grisham at & before the sealing & delivery of these presents the receipt of which is here by acknowledged, has this day bargained and sold and by these presents does bargain, sell and convey to the said Saml. Graham his excrs. &c. a negro woman named Mary Ann together with her future increase to have & to hold to him the said Saml Grisham his excrs. &c. forever In trust[ nevertheless that he the said Saml. Grisham his excrs. &c. shall permit the said Philip Weinberg to remain in peaceable & quiet possession of the said negro woman until required by the said Octavius George his excrs. &c to sell the said negro woman and thus upon this further trust that when so required he the said Saml. Grisham his excrs. &c. (the said three bonds or either of them remaining due & unpaid or any part thereof) shall sell the said negro woman after giving 15 days notice of the time & place of sale for ready money and out of the proceeds of sale after satisfying the costs of