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and the furee mireose? of the woman Louisa onto the said John DG Lasearch?, his heirs, exer? admors? [illegible] against all pes? whatever? shall will warrant and forever defend by these mere?, whom Trust nevertheless that the said John DG Lascuele his heirs, executors, administrators shall permit the sale? James R Stephems to remain in quiet and peaceable popepion? of the aforesaid States and take the profit thereof to his own use under default he made in the payment of the said sum of five hundred dollars either in whole or in part and then whom this further trust that he his heirs executors administration in assigns shall or will so soon after the happening of such default of payment as his heirs, executors, administrators, may think proper or the said Joseph G [illegible] and Bedhar George on either of them their or either executor administrator or [illegible] shall request sale the aforesaid slaves, the interest? of the woman Joana to the highest bidder for ready money at public auction after having ficed the time and place of sale at his own discretion and given twenty day notice thereof at Lancaster Court house by Written advertisement on same court day of the county, and used of the monies [illegibke' from such sale shall after satisfying the changes thereof and all other expenses at tending the sale to the said John Ghowning? his executors, admin, or aphim the said sum of five hundred dollars with interest that may thereon lawfully have accessed? and the balance if any shall pay to the said James R Stephens, his heirs, executors, administrators, or aphims.

But in the whole of the said sum of five hundred dollars shall be fully paid off and discharged to the said John Ghowling? his executors, administrators, or aphims so that no default of payment of the said sum of five