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This deed? made and entered into this 11th day of January on? the year 1860 between Eliza? N. Dunaway of the first part and Mary Dunaway his wife of the second part, [illegible] that the said Eliza? N. Dunaway for and in consideration of the natural love and affections which he bears? to his said wife Mary Dunaway and to his infant child by her, Charlie D Dunaway has this day bargained and sold? and by then presence? and bargain, sell, give grant and [illegible] mute? the Mary Dunaway to take affect at and from this time of his death, a certain negro woman Francis and her three children Tom, [illegible], and George and the future child of the families? and all the slaves held by the sure? Eliza N Dunaway as the [illegible] M? third? in the estate of the former [illegible] Racelyn? W Chilton? and he [illegible] their future mercies? during the life of the said Mary and [illegible] that the said Eliza N Dunaway may have at the time o his death, taken? foe the hives? of any of the said slaves, who a bred of William Hudston? for [illegible] clallers? the proceeds of the sale of A? [illegible] once of the slaves gather by the said Mary as part of her things? in the estate of the former