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when I think of that last one it was great! I don't suppose the letters from France are censored now, but if they were, I wonder what the censor drew that prize would have thought. I think he would have been of the opinion that you were crazy, in spite of your assurance to the contrary. We seem to have got back to a peace time basis, in many ways. Bread is no longer horse food, but good wheat; Ive indulge in making candy once more, we do not go meatless, sweetless, wheatless, sugarless, heatless, lightless, gasless, and all the other "lesses". These bans have been off for a long time. Fur coats are frightfully high priced, but every other woman you see has one. I can't see where these cheap little shop girls get the price, but they do. Even school girls wear them Fur coats thick enough for wear at the North