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and take the dictation himself. The first girl who came in answer to their ad was as homely as a mud fence, and terribly dull looking. So she didn't get it. The next one was pretty, but cheap and loud. However, John didn't decide against her until he looked up and saw her covertly applying the inevitable powder puff. And he turned her down flat - because she looked in a mirror! Do you think one [bag?] [of?] twenty out of a hundred would have been so extreme. Girls seem to have no interest whatever for them, except when they play or sing well, and then his interest is a disinterested sort. I mean, he is not interested in the girl, but merely in what she can do! Not long ago I asked a friend to come over and as [Winnie?] and Dear Fa were having tea with the [Shindles?], we four had a jolly time preparing and having dinner. Ruth stayed until