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St. Nazaire - 30 Apr. 1919


Just a line to let you know that I'm back. Reached here late yesterday aft. having left London Sunday aft. All day Sunday we remained indoors as it was sleeting and snowing. Friday and Saturday a bunch of us visited many points of interest, racing thru the crowded streets like mad mullahs. We went thru some of the buildings so fast that I didn't even get a chance to find out what they were. Once or twice I loitered for a moment to get a glimpse of some picture or statue and then had to make a furious sprint to catch up with the flying coat tails ahead. Once they got out of sight, but I located them by a cloud of dust and a commotion in the street caused by Londoners trying to get out of the way. Have you ever seen a fire engine turn suddenly into a crowded thoroughfare and then the wild scurry to get out of the way? As I had only three days in England I did not have time to run up to Scotland nor over to Ireland. There was no