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attraction for Ireland tho as everything was tied up by the strikes. I met a number who had been over there. They say that an English man is a rare sight over there and that the Irish regale themselves by cursing England. They say that as America has freed the Belgian Poles etc, it is now up to us to free them from England.

To-morrow, May 1st, is the day of les ouvriers, and everything will be tied up. Before the war it was always a day of lawlessness and riot, many men being killed. There have been many pitched battles between this red flag class and the French soldiers and police. It is feared that they will try to take their spite out on us and consequently all officers and men, both American and French, have been ordered to remain at home. Even the Y.M.C.A will be closed up. Mde Clochi is preparing to furnish us with meals to-morrow. It seems a shame that we should have to suspend all work, but I suppose it has been requested by the French Gov. The purpose of the annual is to show or demonstrate to the world the power of the unions. It is really a day given over to a drunken lot of demons or anarchists.

Work has been very slow for the last