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In the evening Daddy Mummie + I went to Longhton (after dinner) to see a good film Tyrone Power in "Blood and Sand" -- all about bull fighting. It was a good story--sad, but well acted and in technicolour. Mummie is now at the hairdressers and I'm going to have my hair set this afternoon--it is looking most ordinary, in fact I think I made a mistake having it cut shorter. I have to meet Mummie for lunch soon so must close now Darling. Please do try and make that trip to Shrivenham soon. I want to see you even if it can only be for a few minutes. I love you + adore you very dearly and forever and I dont want to be parted fom you any longer Darling Heart--do please come over soon. With loads of hugs + kisses and all my love always from Wendy.