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He was quite out of hand there! Do you remember when we went once to see him he was sitting on the bed carving junks out of his tin leg? My goodness, what fun and games we had with Poo. I do hope we can meet him again one day. We'll remind him of the party at Hal Grant's flat! I could go on and on writing to you about "those days." But I'm much happier these days and I love you much more too, I can't really tell you just how much I love you Darling - With all my heart for ever. I broke away from this letter to join a Mr. & Mrs. Brown for tea in the lounge - they are a dear old couple also without a home so are living here until they find one. After tea I did some more knitting - nearly finished another little coat - such a pretty pattern - Then I dressed for dinner which was quite nice for a change