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This indenture made and entered into this 26th day of May 1832 between John R D Payne of the first, and Thomas Rudd of the second and last part: Witnesseth that whereas the said Rudd by his certain deed of the trust dated the 3rd day of January 1822 did convey to the said Payne trustee for certain purposes in said trust deed mentioned the following tracts or parcels of land lying in Campbell Country to Wit: . One tract containing eight and half Acres on which is a Saw Mill and Grist Mill, one Tract adjoining the above containing three hundred and eighty nine acres, another adjoining the latter containing One Hundred Acres, also one of Fifty Acres adjoining the same, also one of the Two hundred acres adjoining the same: also one of Four Hundred and fifty five adjoining the same, also one of Three hundred and twenty acres adjoining the Tract aforesaid or a part thereof Also the following Slaves to Witt: Bob, big Sarah, Milly, George, Hagah, Franky, big Sarah's youngest child Hannah, little Sarah, Ned, Stephen, Andrew, Caty, John, big Isaac, Faxnes, Maria, Doctor, Rosy, Elander, Nancy, Dick, Winney, Edward, Wyatt, Peggy, Sterling, Washington, Nancy, little Washington together with the future increase of the females of them to him the sd. Payne his Heirs, Exors &c forever: But Whereas Since the execution of said Trust Deed the said John R D Payne is informed and directed by Henry Clark (for whose benefit the said Trust was made) to release, and forever quit-claim to the said Several tracts of land aforesd. and Slaves together with the increase of the females thereof to him sd. Rudd and his Heirs and Assigns forever: In pursuance of which direction the said Payne doth hereby for Himself and his Heirs forever release and convey back and quit claims to all of said property to him said Rudd his Heirs and Assigns forever: he being informed that all of the provisions afsd deed in trust has been fully satisfied. In Witness Whereof the said Payne hereby reconveys to the said Rudd the title vested in him