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branch of Buffalo Creek near the town of New London, being the same Land purchased by the said Peregrine Echols from the Heirs of John Turner deceased, and adjoins the lands of Colo. David J. Thompson, and others — a negro woman slave named Susan, and her two children George, and Henry, and a negro woman named Judith — and the future increase of the said female slaves. To have and to hold the said Land, and slaves with the future increase of the females to them the said William H. Horton, and Charles Edward Davis and to their Heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns forever in trust nevertheless: That if default be made in the payment of the said bonds, or either of them, or any part thereof either of principal, or interest, it shall, and may be lawful for the said William H. Horton and Charles Edward Davis, or either of them, being thereto requested by the said Micajah Davis jr executor as aforesaid, or the said Peregrine Echols, or the legal representatives of either of them, and having previously advertised the time, and place of sale for one month in some news paper printed in the town of Lynchburg, to sell by way of public auction for ready money the property herein before conveyed, and described, or so much thereof as may be necessary; and out of the proceeds of wch sale after defraying thereout the expense of recording this deed, and of sale, to pay to the said Micajah Davis jr executor as aforesaid, or his legal representatives, the amount which may be then in arrear, and one of the said bonds — and if after all the purposes of this trust shall have been accomplished, there shall