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dollars and fifty cents as mentioned in a deed of trust bearing equal date with these presents and executed by the said Henry M Armistead & Angelina his wife to [blank] for the purpose of securing the same then and in that case it shall be the duty of the said [blank] their Exors or admors or the survivor of them or the heir or admor of the survivor of them to sell the said Negroes or either of them or the other property hereby conveyed or such portion or part thereof as may be necessary to pay the said debt with such interest as may have accrued thereon or such portion of said debt as may be then due and unpaid after having advertised the time & place of sale in some newspaper in Lynchburg at least thirty days and being called on so to do by the said Douglas B Hancock his Exors admors or assigns, but in case the said debt is well & truly paid by sd. Henry M Armistead his heirs or admors then the said [blank] are to hold the said property in trust for the purposes above mentioned, the same at no time & under no circumstances to be liable to the payment of any debt heretofore contracted or which may hereafter be contracted by the said Henry M Armistead. In Witness whereof the parties set their hands & seal the day & date above written. Henry M Armistead (Seal) Angelina W Armistead (Seal) Signed sealed and delivered in presence of [blank] Interlined before signed