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This Indenture made this 28th day of April 1842 between David Hoffman of the County of Amherst, of the First part, Thomas T. Moorman and Joel B. Leftwich, of the County of Campbell of the second, and Mary E. Hoffman, wife of the said David Hoffman of the third part, Witnesseth that, whereas, the said David Hoffman, heretofore by a certain Deed dated the 10th day of April 1840, and duly of record in the County Court of Amherst County: did convey to Charles L. Mosby and Chiswell Dabney of the Town of Lynchburg, among other things, a certain piece or parcel of land, on which the said Hoffman now resides, situate in the said County of Amherst, containing eight and one half acres, and called the Fan Yard place: in Trust to answer certain purposes in said Deed expressed, and which Deed is here referred to, as more fully explaining the object for which it was made: And in which said Deed the said Mary E. Hoffman, did not join, and consequently made no relinquishment of her Dower Richt in the land aforesaid.