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Fanny a woman aged about Fifty years, with a blemish in one eye - Charles, a man aged about Twenty five years - Amy, a woman aged about Twenty years, with her child George aged about Four Years - and Emeline a girl aged about Twelve years - Also about Four Hundred and Forty acres of land, lying in the County of Campbell, with a small stock of plantation, utensils, and some household and kitchen furniture), and of which Estate the said David in right of his wife is entitled to One Eleventh part, at the death of his said wife's Mother, Mrs. Judith Moorman, the widow of said Samuel Moorman, deced, (she holding the said property during her life under a contract with all the legatees) - and also the portion to which said David would be entitled in right of his said wife, to the portion of her deceased brother William A. Moorman, in said Estate: To Have and To Hold all the aforesaid right, title, interest and claim of him the said David Hoffman in and to the Estate aforesaid, to them the said Thomas T. Moorman, and Joel B. Leftwich their heirs & assigns forever: Upon this special trust and Confidence Nevertheless That the said Thomas T. Moorman and Joel B. Leftwich, hold the said Estate herein conveyed to the sole and separate use and benefit of the said Mary E. Hoffman, for and during her natural life, applying the use, profits, and proceeds thereof as she may from time to time direct, notwithstanding her coverture, by any writing or writings under her hand and seal, attested by three or more credible witnesses, or by last will and testament by her signed and sealed, published and declared in the presence of a like number of credible witnesses: to the intent that the same may not be at the disposal of, or subject to the control, debts, forfeitures or engagements of the said David Hoffman; and in case the said Mary E. should die intestate, or without making such appointment - then to her child or children, if any she the said Mary E. may have - and in case she have no child, or children, then to the Brothers and Sisters of the said Mary E. and the children of such as may be dead. And the said David Hoffman doth hereby covenant and bind himself, his heirs &c. to warrant & forever defend his right and title to the interest in the Estate hereby conveyed, to the said Thomas T. Moorman and Joel B. Leftwich their Heirs, Exors &c. against the claim or claims of all persons claiming by through or under him the said David Hoffman. In testimony whereof the parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year first above written. [signatures] David Hoffman (Seal) Thomas T. Moorman (Seal)