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said William A Clements shall permit the said Calleham's wife and children aforesaid to have the free use and profit of the aforesaid property; and upon the death of the said Calleham's wife to divide the aforesaid remaining property between the surviving children equally; and the said Calleham doth hereby covenant [agree?] with the said Clement that the said Fanny the wife of the said Elisha shall keep all the aforesaid children and that they are to be under her direction and care alone and the said Calleham doth hereby covenant & agree with the said Clement that he the said Elisha will discharge all the debts against him the said Elisha out of the property retained by him upon a division between himself & wife & children; and the said Elisha Calleham declairs, the provision herein made for his wife to be in lieu of dower in his estate if she said Fanny wife of said Calleham accepts the provisions of the Deed In testimony whereof the parties have hereto set their hands & seals the day & ear first within written Elisha Callaham [seal] [seal][seal]