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This indenture made this the 27th day of August 1820 between Joshua D Nunnels of the first part and Charles I Oliver of the second and John C Ward of the third part whereas the said Charles I Oliver on the day of in the year in order to secure the payment of the sum of to the said John C Ward did by indenture of trust of that date convey to the said Joshua D Nunnels the following property to wit a Negro Woman Vilate and her child Irlinas together with all her future increase upon trust for the uses and purposes in the said indenture mentioned. And whereas since the executing and delivering of the said deed of trust the said Charles I Oliver has fully satisfied and paid to the said John C Ward the sum of Money thereby incurred which the s'd John C Ward doth hereby acknowledge Now this indenture witnesseth that for the consideration a foursaid as well as for the further consideration of One Dollar in hand said by the said Charles J Oliver to the said Joshua D Nunnell at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged he the said J D Nunell with the assent and approbation of the said John D Ward dignified by his being a party to these presents