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the said tract of land and the negroe slaves aforesaid with the future increase of the females of them to the said Wm A Clement his heirs and assigns forever. Upon [trust?] nevertheless and for the following purposes to Wit that if upon the decision of the before recited suit the Plaintiffs should recover a judgment against the said Adam Clement for the said sum of money of $[blank] or any part thereof the said Wm A Clement shall upon the expiration of four months after the recovery of said judgment or thereafter as he shall be required by the said Adam Clement his executors administrators or assigns sell at public auction to the highest bidder for ready money of after giving thirty days notice in some newspaper printed in the town of Lynchburg all of the before mentioned property both real and personal together with the increase of the females of said slaves, or such part thereof as will be sufficient to pay whatever sum of money the Plaintiffs may recover against the said Adam Clement and also for the purpose of defraying the cost and charges of such sale and the balance if any shall be paid over to the said Slaughter his executors administrators or assigns, it is further agreed by and between the parties hereto that the said Charles D. Slaughter his heirs Executors or administrators shall hold peaceable and quiet possession of said property and take to his or their own use all the rents hires and profits thereof until the said Adam Clement his executors his administrators or assigns shall direct a sale of the said property or any part thereof for the before mentioned purposes the said Slaughter his heirs executors or administrators paying the taxes and all charges thereon during the time of his or their holding the said property and it is further agreed that whenever the amount of whatever judgment