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This indenture made this 5 day of May 1849 between E. Bolling of one part: Leroy M. Cralle of the second part and Thomas Williams of the third part. Whereas the said Leroy M. Cralle by deed date 15th of Nov 1848 of record in the office of Campbell in order to secure the said Williams from loss; conveyed in Trust to the said Bolling the following property to wit: Mary a negro-woman & her four children Jordan (a boy) Frances (a girl) Ardelia (a girl) Angelina (a girl) and the said debts for which the said Williams was bound having been settled, the said Williams is willing and desires that the deed of Trust: aforesaid be released, This indenture, therefore, Witnesseth, that for and in consideration of the premises & also for the further consideration of one dollar to the said Bolling in hand paid, he the said Bolling (with the consent of the said Thomas Williams signified by his being a party hereto,) has remised, released, and forever quited claim and by these presents does fully and absolutely remise, release & forever quit claim unto the said LeRoy M. Cralle his heirs & assigns forever, all the estate right, title, interest, property, claim and demand whatsoever in law & equity, of, in, and to the aforesaid negroes to have, & to hold the aforesaid Negroes to the said Cralle his heirs and assigns to the only use & behoof of the said LeRoy M. Cralle his heirs & assigns forever so that the said Bolling his heirs nor any other person whatsoever claiming under him shall by any ways or means hereafter have claims, title, or interest of or in the said property conveyed in said deed or any part; or part or parcel thereof. In witness whereof, the parties have hereunto set their hands & seals this day & year above written. E. Bolling {seal} Thomas Williams {seal} {seal} Witness H. A. Depriest Edmund Rossor Barnet Finch