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property until according to the provisions of this deed hence afterwards mentioned, it shall be necessary for the said Trustee to take possession thereof & carry out the terms of the trust. And it is hereby agreed by the said Bank as is evidenced by the signature of Jno G Mein the president the of this deed, that at the maturity of the said note for $10,000 the same shall be renewed, upon the said stores paying the discount then on, for the further time of four months at the expiration of which time it is agreed between the said Bank & the said Stone that Stone shall pay a [curtail?] of $2000 & the discount on the remainder upon which the said Bank will renew the said note as to the said remainder for a further period of four months & on the said Stone paying $2000 thereon together with the discount every four months until the whole of the said sum of Ten Thousand Dollars is paid off and discharged. And the said Jno W Stone further agrees to pay all taxes which may accrue against the said property, to keep the said [Henses?] insured for at least the sum of $4000.00 for the benefit of this trust and for like benefit of this trust to insure the lives of each of the negroes as the Bank may designate & to keep them thus insured for such length of time as may be required by the said Bank. And it is further agreed that upon default being made by the said Stone in the payment of the said note for $10,000 or in the payment of any of the above mentioned notes given in renewal or continuation thereof in whole or in part, or on the payment