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The Commonwealth of Virginia to the Sheriff of [left blank] County greeting-- Whereas at a Court held for Albmarle County on the seventh day of September 1780 upon the petition of Phebe an indian exhibited to the court praying that she might be discharged from the service of Joseph Fitzpatrick who detained her in slavery It was considered by the said Court that the said Phobe should be restored to her liberty and recover against the said Joseph her costs in that behalf expended. From which Judgment the said Joseph appealed to our General Court; but before the same could be examined and the errors alledged therein corrected the said Joseph Fitzpatrick departed this life having first made his last Will and Testament and thereof appointed William Fitzpatrick, Booth Fitzpatrick and Mary Fitzpatrick his executors who have proved the same and taken upon themselves the burthen of the execution thereof and the said executors have supplicated us for a proper remedy in this behalf and we being willing that right and Justice should be done command you as often heretofore we have commanded you that by good and lawful men of your County you make known to the said Phobe that she be before our Judges of our General Court at the Capitol in the City of Richmond on the first day of the next Court to shew if any thing herself she hath or can say why the appeal aforesaid should not be reviewed and the errors alledged in the Judgment & proceedings on the petition aforesaid corrected and further to do and receive what our Judges of our said General Court shall in that part considered and have then there the names of those by whom you shall so make known and this writ: Witness James Mercer esq: Chief Justice of our said Court at Richmond the thirtieth day of July 1789 in the fourteenth year of the Commonwealth. John Brown C.G.C.