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Martha Dr. T. S. Robertson Matilda Wm. P. Tatum Milly (expelled 1860 reinstated 1864) (a) Wm. W. Jones Martha Harris (a) do do Milley died Willis Anderson Martha Ann (expelled 1859) Tarlton Woodson Major (do 1860) Miss Fanny Anderson Margaret (died June 1864) James Isbell Maria Hill (a) " " Mary (expelled 1861) Susan Tatum 1859 Mary (a) Dr. G. Talley Mary Frances (a) R. W. Smith Maurice Nash (a) Dr. G. Talley Mary Eliza (expelled 1859) Daniel Brown 1860 Merit Hatcher (a) W. D. Talley Maria Evans (a) John H. Coleman Maria Coleman (a) Allen Coleman Milly (a) W. D. Talley Moses (died 1864) do do Mary Coleman (a) Allen Coleman Margaret Mrs. Mary Daniel