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June 20th 1857 At the regular monthly meeting of Cumberland Baptist Church at Bookers Meeting house on Saturday before the 4th Lord's day, the following members were present_ Elder T. E. Reynolds, and brethren John Sanderson, Nelson Talley, J. D. Jenkins, Albert Dowdy, H. W. Griffith, Willis Anderson, Jessee D. Parker and O.J. Reynolds,_ After prayer by brother John Sanderson, the moderator Elder J. E. Reynolds called the meeting to order_ The minutes of last meeting were read and approved The committee in the case of Robert Anderson made a favorable report, and the committee was discharged__ The committee appointed at our last meeting to draft constitution, or code of by-laws, prevented the copy draft, which, being read twice, was ordered to lie over, and be read at the next meeting and the succeeding meeting, and be submitted to the church at the following meeting for rejection or adoption __Elder T. E. Reynolds, and brethren J.D. Jenkins and O. J. Reynolds were appointed to represent this church in the James River Association at its next convention, and the Clerk was ordered to write the annual church letter___ no other business appearing, the church was adjourned with benediction by